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Out Of Line: Growing Up Soviet

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Out Of Line Growing Up Soviet

Tundra Books

Author: Tina Grimberg

The author is Tina Grimberg and the publisher is Tundra Books. It was released around October of 2007. The children's book is 128 pages long and it provides you with numerous black and white artwork. It's dimensions are 9.3" Height x 6.32" Length x 0.57" Width. It has a weight of 0.71 lbs. To get your own personal copy of this children's book, check out the market add to shopping cart button.

Although the Iron Curtain is gone, the memory of the high drama, tragedy, and comedy that was life in the Soviet Union remains. It meant endless lineups in the cold — lineups enlivened by poetry and paranoia. Tina Grimberg brings color and perception to a life we feel of as gray, impersonal, and foreboding. She was born in Kiev and grew up feisty, bright, and funny inside a tiny flat with her parents and her older sister. It meant trying to escape all-seeing eyes, especially those of the old ladies in their babushkas who guarded every single courtyard. This brilliant collection of memories is an unforgettable look behind what was the Iron Curtain; at a way of life that was reality for millions of individuals inside the twentieth century. When Tina turned fifteen, the government, desperate for foreign wheat, traded “ undesireables” for food, and that meant that many Jewish families like Tina's could leave. It meant family life lived in two small rooms, but a household life that was wealthy in love and laughter. Her descriptions of life in that grand and beleaguered city are by turn hysterical and heartbreaking. Until they could leave on the hair-raising journey that would eventually bring them to Indiana, she was publicly shamed and cut off, but she never lost her affectionate and clear-eyed view of her homeland.


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