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Jps Illustrated Children's Bible

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Jps Illustrated Childrens Bible

The Jewish Publication Society

Author: Dr. Ellen Frankel PhD

The author is Dr. Ellen Frankel PhD and it was published sometime in 2009 by The Jewish Publication Society. This version is the 1st edition. of the children's book has 256 pages and it features colorfully illustrated artwork. If you need a copy of this book for your kids, click on the shopping cart add to cart button below.

Acclaimed storyteller and Jewish scholar Ellen Frankel has masterfully tailored fifty-three Bible stories that will both delight and educate today's young readers. With  enticing, full-page color illustrations of each Bible story, award-winning artist Avi Katz ignites readers' imaginations. Included in the volume is an; “ Author's Notebook” ; in which Frankel shares with rabbis, parents, and educators the challenges she faced in translating and adapting these stories for children, including how she deals with adult language inside the original Bible text and themes inappropriate for most young readers. Using the 1985 JPS translation (NJPS) employing the Hebrew Bible as her foundation, Frankel retains much inside the Bible's original wording and easy narrative style as she incorporates her personal exceptional storytelling technique, cost-free of personal interpretation or commentary. His brush captures the vivid personalities and a quantity of dramatic moments in this extraordinary collection.


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