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Escape: Children Of The Holocaust

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Escape Children Of The Holocaust

Scholastic Paperbacks

Author: Allan Zullo


Features seven true stories of brave boys and girls who lived through the Holocaust. Their compelling accounts are based on exclusive, personal interviews with the survivors. Using real names, dates and places, these stories are factual versions of their recollections.
Written by Allan Zullo and it was published in March of 2011 by Scholastic Paperbacks. The children's book is all about Jewish children in the Holocaust. The child's book has 192 pages. The book is 0.54"H x 7.61"L x 5.39"W. It weighs something like 0.3 lbs. To get your personal copy of this children's book, click on our partners via the link below.

A collection of gripping true-life accounts of young children struggling through and surviving the Holocaust. By her ninth birthday, Halina Litman understood what her Jewish faith meant for the German occupiers of her town: death. These enduring stories will captivate you and remind you of the energy of hope. Would she have the ability to escape? Follow Halina's gripping story, along with other incredible, true-life accounts of young children in the Holocaust. Through the remarkable kindness of others and their own inner strength, these kids found a way to make it via the horrors of the war. These survivors put up secret resistance, used false identities, and deceived the Nazis.


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