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A Child's Garden Of Torah: A Read-aloud Bedtime Bible

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Childs Garden Of Torah A Readaloud

Torah Aura Productions

Author: Joel Lurie Grishaver

Your child will love this excellent book by Joel Lurie Grishaver. The author is Joel Lurie Grishaver and the publisher is Torah Aura Productions. The book was available on bookshelves around December of 1998. The child's book has 112 pages. Some say they never have time to read, yet reading is yet another excellent usage of time, especially with the right child's book. Allow yourself to get absorbed by this child's book. Imagine oneself being the essential character, thinking about and struggling to find an answers. For the greatest deal on this book and various other products, click on the add to cart button below.

A Child's Garden of Torah Read-Aloud Bible may be the perfect way ot bring Torah stories to young children. This volume is a great introduction for the biblical heroes you want your children to meet. Here are wonderfully retold versions of twenty-five classic Torah stories form the creation of the world towards the death of Moses. Use A Child's Garden of Torah Read-Aloud Bible to make Torah stories a centerpiece of your family's Shabbat or bedtime routine.

Torah Aura Productions was founded in 1981 by a group of innovative Jewish educators who looked out at the field of Jewish education and found supplies that were shallow and dull. They began a organization to generate new tools for families and teachers that may be exciting and meaningful. For much more than two decades, Torah Aura has revolutionized the way Jewish schools enable their students to become empowered Jewish adults, and has helped families make Judaism a meaningful presence in their houses.


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