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The Book Of Miracles: A Young Person's Guide To Jewish Spiritual Awareness

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Book Of Miracles A Young Persons

Jewish Lights Publishing

Author: Lawrence Kushner


A collection of essays which present the elements of Jewish spiritual thinking.
Your child will love this terrific book. The author is Lawrence Kushner and it was published sometime in December of 1997 by Jewish Lights Publishing. This is the 10th anniversary ed. is 96 pages long and it includes loads of colorfully illustrated pictures, add to cart by clicking on the weblink below.

The special 10th Anniversary Edition of a spiritual guide-for children. Revealing the essence of Judaism inside a language they can understand and enjoy, The Book of Miracles combines Talmud, midrash, mystical and biblical stories to support readers make-and treasure-the connections between traditional sources and modern day living. Kushner, whose award-winning books have brought Jewish spirituality to life for countless adults, right here introduces the spiritual richness of Jewish tradition to young children. From 1 of today's most innovative and creative theologians, a book to introduce youngsters ages 9-12 to a way of spiritual thinking to last a lifetime. This intriguing guide challenges and inspires kids to find the sacred in the mysterious and beautiful occurrences of their everyday lives. For parents to study to their children, for young children to read to their parents-The Book of Miracles shows young people how you can make use of Judaism as a foundation on which to generate their lives. This easy-to-read, beautifully illustrated book encourages kids' awareness of their personal spirituality.


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